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C-Shells or Clam Shells

The C-Shell or Clam Shell is a packaging alternative to the old familiar jewel case. The C-Shell's durable one-piece polypropylene design has a number of advantages over the tradition jewel case.

  • A fraction of the weight of the standard jewel case.
  • Durable one-piece polypropylene construction.
  • Impact resistant allowing extra protection during shipping.
  • Less costly and more much more reliable than a jewel case.
  • Recommended for compact storage and bulk mailings.
  • Available in clear and numerous other colors.
  • Provides a clear area for a serial number sticker.

The weight and thickness of a C-Shell are a fraction of that of the standard or slim line jewel case. You can save both packaging and shipping costs using a C-Shell. In addition, the C-Shell provides superior protection for your CD or DVD, insuring it will arrive at its destination intact.

C-Shell C-Shell