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Why Use CD-Ship For CD or DVD Fulfillment?

There are lots of companies that will process your e-commerce orders and mail out backup CDs. Why should you use Elfring Fonts CD-Ship service?

  • Our CDs and DVDs do not look like the CDs (shown to the right)  we received from two major e-commerce suppliers.
  • Our CD and DVD labels are always printed in full color, giving your software a truly professional look.
  • We cost less than most other services.
  • We ship your orders every day, not once a week.
  • We ship orders via first class mail, not by bulk or business class mail. Our orders get to your customers fast.
  • There are no hidden costs with our service.
  • You set the price for your backup CDs or DVDs. You can make them much less expensive than backups from other services. Or charge the same amount and keep all the profit for yourself.
  • Our CDs and DVDs are shipped in padded envelopes, not flimsy cardboard mailers. Some other services have damage rates of one in four shipments!
  • We replace any CD or DVD damaged in the mail at no cost and that includes the price of shipping.
  • Our CDs and DVDs are hub printable with white backgrounds for professional color reproduction.
  • We can integrate with virtually any e-commerce provider.
  • We offer friendly customer service.

Is this what your backup CD looks like?

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